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the best way to manage your vacation rental!

  1. Who developed this site?

    This site was conceived by James Ginn who developed the original GINN rental system. That system developed in 1983 has managed 10,000+ vacation rentals for ~20 real estate companies predominantly in Cape May County, NJ. Since 1983, we generated/managed ~600,000 leases with over $1B in lease revenue!

  2. How much does it cost to add your listing?

    If your are a broker, the cost is free. If you are an owner, you can ask your broker for a coupon to add your listing for free. We charge a $50 fee to tenants when booking reservations.

  3. Can I add weekly and less than weekly rentals?

    Yes! The system allows full week and 'split' week rentals!

  4. Can I define my check in day?

    Yes! We support any checkin day e.g. Saturday, Friday, Monday, ... Note - When adding full week rentals and split week rentals, there can NOT be overlaps on periods!

  5. What are the advantages of split week rentals?

    Split Weeks allow -

    • more options for tenants
    • more options for owner use
    • block out days for better cleaning/maintenance
    • full weekend vacations

  6. What are some split week examples?

    Split Week Examples (Friday) -

    • 4,3 Split - Friday to Tuesday, Tuesday to Friday
    • 3,2,2 Split - Friday to Monday, Monday to Wednesday, Wednesday to Friday

    Sunday Checkin -
    • 4,3 Split - Sunday to Thursday, Thursday to Sunday
    • 3,2,2 Split - Sunday to Wednesday, Wednesday to Friday, Friday to Sunday

  7. Can tenants book on the site?

    The site offers direct direct booking and payment processing for broker rentals. Owner rentals are handled by owners directly.

  8. Do you have examples of units with different rates, check in days and split rates?

    Yes! Examples -

  9. What are payment options for 'Book It' ?

    There are 3 payment options (owners option) for payments -

    • 50% at booking and 50% 30 days before checkin
    • 35% at booking, %35 midway before checkin & 30% 30 days before checkin
    • 100% for any bookings within 45 days of checking

  10. What are cancellation and refund policies?

    These vary for each property. Please check payment and cancellation policies on each property page BEFORE booking the property!

  11. Does the site allow multiple rates and periods?


  12. Do bookings allow other fees besides rents?

    Yes! We allow multiple additional fees (key, cleaning, taxes, ...) by fixed fees or percentage of rent. Additionally, we allow additional fixed or percentage fees by night!

  13. What features do listings support?

    We offer detailed information on every listing - beds, baths, amenities, rates, pictures, contact and additional url links!

  14. Do listings allow direct contact information?


  15. Can I add external links on a listing?

    YES! You can add additional links! For example

    • YouTube
    • Resort Amenities
    • Calendar of Events
    • Rental Policies
    • ...

  16. Do you have example screenshots of features?


  17. Do you support daily rentals?

    Yes, however we do NOT recommend daily rentals as most/all of our rentals are for weekly, weekend and midweek stays with defined check in days.

  18. Do you have to be a broker to add a listing?

    No. However, we strongly recommend using a broker as they provide local services like checkin, support, payment processing, ...

  19. Why 'pre-defined' check in/out days?

    Our site (unlike may other vacation rental sites) specializes in minimum stay rentals with specific check in/out days. This allows specific 'defined' days for scheduled cleaning and maintenance. Suggested default checkin days are Thursday, Friday or Sunday to allow full weekend stays.

  20. How are rates defined and stored?

    We use a 54 week chart that starts on the last checkin day of the previous year. Rates are saved as amount for the entire period unlike storing a daily rate. Additionally, you can easily duplicate or increment rates by a clicking on adjacent links.

  21. Why do you have weekly charts versus daily rates?

    Unlike our competitors, we specialize in longer stay vacations (typical 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 14, ... days).

  22. How are the chart's start date calculated?

    The default start date calculates the last Saturday in the prior year. Chart assumes an increment of -

    • 0 - Saturday
    • 1 - Sunday
    • 2 - Monday
    • -1 - Friday
    • -2 - Thursday
    Note! - Split weeks work best with non-Saturday checkins

  23. Can I block off a full day for better changeovers?

    YES! For example, you can add a chart that starts on a Friday and ends on a Thursday. This allows a full day changeover for cleaning, maintenance, ....

  24. Can I block off periods for owner use?


  25. Can I have a minimum night rental?

    YES! You can set your minimum on your unit and weekly chart!

  26. How are the chart periods defined?

    Our charts have 54 periods. The start period is the last day of the listing's checkin day for the prior year. 53 subsequent periods are incremented by one week.

  27. What is 'Publish Listing'?

    Publish listing makes the listing active and searchable on our site. If set to 'No', the listing is privately available .

  28. Is there and API for placing my listings on my site?

    Yes! You can place your listings on your website with our API interface and KEY.

  29. Can I duplicate listings and rates?

    YES! Click the duplicate button and you will be prompted for listing/rate chart you wish to duplicate.

  30. How do I contact LIST123.com?